We are extremely proud to have in our warehouse the LARGEST available stock of high-end
ORIGINAL and VINTAGE backline in the North East of England, and indeed for
miles around!! Hire on a daily or weekly basis, we will supply you with a fully tested and
serviced item from our extensive array of equipment.
We also have knowledgeable backline technicians that will ensure that the hired items are
transported correctly, as well as set up and fully working in accordance to your
Guitar Amps
Guitar Amp Heads
Marshall JCM 900 – 100w High gain Dual reverb (x3)
Vox AC 30 TB Vintage
Carlsbro SN 694 Vintage 100w Lead Guitar head
Vox V125 Vintage (No Footswitch)
Marshall JMP Vintage 100w Lead (No Footswitch)
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 60
Sound City 1230
Guitar Amp Cabs
Marshall 4×12
-1960 Lead A (x4)
-1960 Lead Ax
-1960 Lead Straight
Sound City 4×12
Hiwatt 4×12
Guitar Amps Combo
Vox – AC 30/6 TB
Vox – AC 30 TB (No Footswitch)
Vox – AC 30
Roland Jazz chorus 120A
Marshall AS100D (No Footswitch)
Fender De’Ville
Fender Twin Reverb Silver Face
Fender Evil Twin (red knob)
Fender Hot Rod De’Ville (No Footswitch)
Fender Vibrolux Reverb
Bass Amps
Bass Amps Heads
Ampeg SVT Classic (x2)
Ampeg SVT- Pro 6
Ampeg SVT Pro 2
Ashdown Evo II 500
Ashdown Mag 400
Bass Amp Cabs
Ampeg 8×10 (x2)
Ashdown 4×10
Trace Elliot 1518T
Trace Elliot 1044T
Ashdown VS 412
Peavey 15”
Marshall 7015
Ashdown 410T
Ampeg B410 HE
Bass Amp Combos
Ashdown Mag 300 (x2)
Fender Bassman
Peavey Data Bass
Hartke B900
Laney AB100
Fender 59’ Bassman
Drum Kits
Liberty Maple Custom – Grey Sparkle
22”, 12”,13”, 16”
Hard case, Individual soft cases
Stand mount
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute – Red Sparkle
22”, 12”, 13”, 16”
Hard case for toms and hard wear, soft cases
Kick mount
Ludwig Accent CS Combo – Maroon
22”, 12”, 13”, 16”
Soft cases
Kick mount
Boom cymbal stands – 6
Straight cymbal stands – 5
Hi hat stand –3
Snare stand – 3
Kick pedals
Ludwig (Kit)
Pearl P930
DW 8000
EP Double chain
DW 6000
Janus double chain
Iron Cobra Double pedal
Cymbal Packs
Sabian AAX
14” Hi Hats
16” Crash
18” Crash
20” Ride
10” Splash
14” Hi Hats
16” Crash
20” Ride
14” Hi Hats ZBT
15” Thin Crash Avedis
16” Crash Z Custom
14” Trashformer ZXT
20” Ride ZBT
21” Sweet Ride Avedis
20” Ride
16” Crash B8
10” Splash B8
8” Splash pro
Assorted Cymbals
16” Crash Stagg
12” Hi Hats Meinl
14” Crash Stagg
13” Bite Hi Hats Stagg
14” Hi Hats (Unbranded)
20” Ride CX500 Pearl (x3)
20” Ride Paiste 302
20” Heavy Ride Zildjian K Series
16” China Trash Oriental Zildjian
18” China ZBT+ Zildjian
14” x 5” – Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (Match kit)
14” x 6” – Metal Yamaha Power Special
14” x 5” – Unbranded red sparkle
14” x 6” – DW Metal Gold
13” x 2” – Pearl Piccolo Gold
14” x 5.5” – Ludwig Redwood (Match kit)